New era of robotic surgery at Sunshine Coast Health

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A new surgical robot has arrived on the Sunshine Coast

A new $4 million surgical robot has arrived on the Sunshine Coast ready to provide patients with improved outcomes.

To perform surgery with the robot, the surgeon sits down and views the surgical field through a high definition, 3D screen inside the robot's console. They then use their hands and feet to control the instruments to make delicate and precise movements to perform the operation.

The instruments on the equipment accurately mimic a surgeon’s wrist and finger movements, while the arms and camera allow stability, minimise tremors and improve the field of vision to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Intricate surgeries that require extra fine techniques see particularly positive outcomes for patients with the Da Vinci robot including:

* Shorter hospital stays
* Less pain and discomfort
* Faster recovery and return to regular activities
* Smaller incisions, resulting in less risk of infection
* Reduced blood loss and need for transfusions
* Minimal scarring

The Robotic Surgery program at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital will commence with Urological procedures later this year with the view to expand to other types of surgery down the track.

The Da Vinci Robots are now in use at multiple health services throughout the state including Gold Coast Health, Metro North Health, and Metro South Health.

Sunshine Coast Health Chief Executive Dr Peter Gillies said that the Sunshine Coast Health surgical team are looking forward to using this new equipment to support the health needs of our community.

“We are constantly looking to do things differently within our health service and with other health services successfully using this piece of equipment, we can see the positive improvements it’s made to surgical waitlists and importantly to outcomes for our patients."