SCHHS takes a seat and a stand against domestic and family violence

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Red Bench Project - Take a seat to take a stand

Red Bench Project - Take a seat to take a stand

A new bench will be unveiled at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH), as part of its White Ribbon Day event, raising awareness for Domestic and Family Violence.

The Red Bench initiative created by the Red Rose Foundation is encouraging people to take a seat and take a stand against domestic and family violence.

Workforce Executive Director Silven Simmons said the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) is committed to ending domestic and family violence and is working on an accreditation program with White Ribbon Australia to embed standards to equip the health service with the knowledge and skill to address this issue.

“The safety and wellbeing of our staff is of paramount consideration, and we are committed to creating a culture of respect, safety and equality by promoting healthy and respectful relationships,” he said.

“The red bench out the front of SCUH provides the opportunity for the issue of domestic and family violence to remain visible and encourages people to create change.”

SCHHS Social Worker and Domestic and Family Violence (DVF) Coordinator Gaby Hesse said the theme for White Ribbon Day this year was ‘Let’s be the change’.

“White Ribbon Day is an opportunity for us to review and reflect how we are participating in primary, secondary and tertiary DFV prevention strategies. The SCHHS is actively participating on all levels. The Sunshine Coast DFV sector has implemented an integrated system response to provide support to those experiencing DFV and work together to ensure those using violence are kept accountable. This event is a great opportunity to come together and demonstrate how that looks here on the Sunshine Coast,” Ms Hesse said.

“We have arranged for speakers from Queensland Police to come share information on Domestic and Family Violence. We are excited to have several organisations from across the sector joining us to showcase to SCHHS staff and visitors the support available in our Sunshine Coast area.”

The SCHHS has introduced several initiatives, as well as the red bench at each facility, over the past year as part of its accreditation process including:

  • Domestic and family violence messages and options for support are displayed on TVs in waiting rooms, computer screensavers and intranet page
  • A new domestic and family violence staff support intranet page has been created that includes information on entitlements, resources, and the support available in the workplace
  • SCHHS is working towards having domestic and family violence stickers in all bathrooms with hotline numbers and QR codes that link to information, services, and support.
  • Supporting DV Safe Phones, which recycles and distributes mobile phones to victims of domestic and family violence.