Take time out for your mind and wellness this festive break

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Prioritise wellbeing essentials this festive break

Christmas is a time for cheer for many, but for those grieving a loved one or navigating confronting family circumstances, it can be a challenging time.

Sunshine Coast Health’s Mental Health and Specialised Services team is reminding people to make time for themselves and their health and wellbeing, over the Christmas break.

Clinical Director of Mental Health and Specialised Services Dr Chris Lilley suggests prioritising wellbeing essentials such as getting enough sleep, considering nutrition, exercising, and getting outside.

“We are with our family and although we want that to be pleasurable, I think it’s possible that people can get into arguments being on top of each other a lot of the time, so I think it’s important for people to think about opportunities to have time for yourself, if necessary,” he said.

He also urges people to not get carried away and overindulge on alcohol.

“We’re trying to make sure people are not disinhibited through overuse of substances and it’s often in those times people will make irrational choices.”

Dr Lilley said there are several options out there for anyone who might want support, including helplines such as Lifeline, or Queensland Health’s phone line 1300 MH CALL to talk to a mental health professional.

“Of course, we try to get people to avoid settings such as our emergency departments, but they do mean you’ve got access to mental health teams that work within that environment and will assess your needs and treat as necessary,” Dr Lilley said.