To apply for Research Governance you will need to submit a site-specific assessment (SSA) using the Ethical Review Manager (ERM).

Before you begin

Approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Research governance is a different review from ethics review and approval.

You can start the SSA form while waiting for ethics approval, but at the moment, you shouldn't submit it until you have ethics approval.

Other approvals required by legislation or policy

Depending on the type of research, you may need to get other approvals required by legislation or policy.

You'd usually get these approvals after your research project has received ethics approval.

Examples of other approvals are:

  • Public Health Act approval
  • Clinical and Statewide Services approval
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal approval.

How to apply

We recommend that you discuss your research project with our Research Governance team before you develop your SSA. The team can talk you through the submission requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Contact the Research Governance and Development Unit on 07 5202 2992 or email

Step 1. Prepare supporting documents

You’ll need to submit the following supporting documents with your SSA application. Use our research governance documentation checklist [PDF 63 kB] to make sure you have included everything we will want to see.

  1. The SSA form with all required signatures
  2. Budget on the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service template with all required signatures
  3. Protocol
  4. HREA/LNR application form
  5. All HREC documents, approval letter and HREC communications
  6. Investigator CVs
  7. Other documents depending on the project. Contact the Research Governance and Development Unit to confirm what other supporting documents you must submit.

For more information on the process and submission requirements read:

Step 2: Research governance fees

You'll need to pay a governance review and authorisation fee for any commercially sponsored research and research conducted by a private institution at a site across Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services (HHS).

Fee schedule (current as at December 2021)

New research governance submissions
ItemCost (excluding GST)GSTTotal
Initial site-specific assessment (SSA) review fee$3,750$375$4,125
Contract review and execution$300$30$330

Step 3: Submit your application

Once you've completed the documents, you can submit your application in ERM.

The Research Governance Officer (RGO) will review your application. They may ask you to answer extra questions or to provide more information about your application.

If everything's in order, the RGO will recommend that we authorise your research.

Start your research

You'll receive a letter of authorisation from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive, or delegate. Once authorised, you can start your research.

If your research project changes, you'll need to apply for research project amendment approval.

You’ll need to report on your research project and your project may be monitored.

Last updated: May 2022