Projects that usually fall under this category are about working out how efficient a service is, or looking to improve health service delivery. This may include assessing practices against a procedure, standard or guideline or it may be to identify gaps in a service. Some consumer and staff survey work can also fall under this category.

The National Health and Medical Research Council describes the difference between research activities, quality assurance activities and research exemption. Learn more about ethical considerations in quality assurance and evaluation activities.

Work out if you need to get an ethical opinion

Some projects should still get an ethical review. Use the guidance from the NHMRC's Ethical considerations in quality assurance and evaluation activities to work that out.

If you do not need an ethical opinion, you can start your activity after you get approval from the relevant line manager, service group manager or group lead, for example Chair of the Falls Action Group.

If you are an external collaborator, you need to apply using the research approvals process.

If you are still unsure after answering these questions, please contact our Research Office via email:

How to get an ethical opinion

You can get an ethical opinion from The Prince Charles Hospital or Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital HREC, or any other health service HREC.

Use the Low or Negligible Risk (LNR) application form in ERM.

You'll also need to submit a cover letter and brief project plan with the LNR form.

The HREC will usually email you the outcome within 1 to 2 weeks.

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Last updated: May 2022