What are health records?

Your records may include:

  • test results
  • x-rays
  • scans
  • medical reports
  • surgical or clinical notes.

Your health records are in an online database, as a paper file or a mix of both.

Your records are private and confidential.

Privacy and confidentiality

We're committed to making sure your health records are private and safe.

Sometimes your health records will get passed from one of your health care providers to another for your ongoing care.

To access our privacy policy please contact the Clinical Information Access Unit on 07 5202 3011.

Accessing your medical records

Your health record is the property of the hospital but you have the right to ask for access to these records.

You can apply to view your records through the Clinical Information Access Unit. To do this you can get forms from either the:

  • Clinical Information Access Unit on 07 5202 3011
  • front reception of Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Nambour General Hospital, Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Caloundra Health Service or Gympie Hospital.

You'll need to return the form together with proof of your identity. This must be certified as a true copy of the original document by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Declaration.

You can send the form and evidence by post, email or fax.

Clinical Information Access Unit:
The Manager
Clinical Information Access Unit
Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service
PO Box 5340
Sunshine Coast MC Qld 4560

Email: SCHHS_CIA@health.qld.gov.au

Fax: 07 5202 3419

If you need to get someone else's medical records, contact the Clinical Information Access Unit.

Access to health records isn't an automatic right. Sometimes they can't be released. If this is the case staff at the Clinical Information Access Unit will contact you.

If you need help reading your hospital records, we can also arrange interpreter services for you.

GP use of your hospital medical records

Your GP needs to use your hospital records, scans, x-ray and test results. They use these for your ongoing care and treatment after you've been in hospital.

If you don't want your GP to see your records, you need to opt out online through the Queensland Health website or by calling 13 43 25 84.

Read more about the information your GP can access on the Queensland Health website.

Last updated: June 2023