How to get started

There's usually a 2 stage process to start a research project.

  • Ethics review approval

    The ethics review process helps make sure you've considered all the ethical issues for your project.

  • Site governance approval

    Each facility is responsible for research that involves any of its sites. You need a site-specific assessment before your research project can start.

Lower-risk activities, including quality improvement and clinical audits, don't need to go through a full ethics review process.

Some research may need other approvals depending on the nature of the project.

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Project reporting

You must report on project progress and any changes or updates to your research project. Your project will also be monitored.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) provides guidelines for the conduct, approval and management of research in Australia. All research undertaken in Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) should follow the principles and responsibilities set out in these guidelines:

Last updated: May 2024