We operate in a demanding clinical and financial environment, yet our research activity and outcomes are impressive. As an organisation, we continue to grow and develop strength in research every year.

Our research themes

We are improving people's health and wellbeing through our research in these main areas.

Healthy ageing

Healthy ageing is about making sure that people stay well as they get older.

We concentrate on research that advances all aspects of human function, namely biological (including organ function), physical, cognitive (mental), and social function.

Infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance

We focus on biomedical research into all aspects of human infectious diseases.

Our strengths are:

  • better understanding of the presence, origin, and transmission of infectious diseases and their antimicrobial resistance
  • enhancement of antimicrobial stewardship measures
  • characterisation of chronic infectious diseases
  • optimise pharmacodynamics for combating antimicrobial resistance infections.

Maternal child and health

We aim to improve health outcomes for newborn infants, young children and their families.

Our research focuses on 2 main areas:

  • optimal care in the peri-partum period (the time before or after childbirth)
  • the first 1000 days of a child's life.

We want to increase our understanding of:

  • promoting healthy pregnancy and normal birth
  • early identification and care for infants, children, and families with identifiable risk factors.

Optimising health service efficiency

We aim to improve how our systems and health services work.

Our 4 main areas of collaborations are:

  • end of life shared decision making
  • state-wide evaluation of Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI) program
  • building and supporting a productive collaborative health research culture
  • using telehealth to support healthcare deliveries.

Practice education in health

Quality professional education is the key to optimal health care.

In our research into practice education, we concentrate on these 3 themes:

  • interprofessional education and collaborative practice
  • workforce and career development pathways
  • education technology.

Infection Research Network Sunshine Coast

Our research focuses on:

  • understanding the biological mechanisms of infection
  • infection prevention
  • disease treatment
  • the social contexts and dynamics that influence infection prevention, management and antimicrobial use.

Read more about the Infection Research Network’s research studies and who we work with.

Our departments carry out research under these themes. Learn more about our departmental research.

Annual Research Reports

Each year we recognise and celebrate the great work our researchers, their partners and collaborators have done.

Read our Annual Research Reports.

Research projects and clinical trials

You can find out more about our research projects and clinical trials.

Database of Research Activity (DoRA)

DoRA, the Database of Research Activity, lists all Queensland Health human research including clinical trials.

Australian Clinical Trials

Check the Australian Clinical Trials website to search for current and future clinical trials.

Last updated: December 2022