How we developed our research strategic plan

We developed our research strategic plan through extensive consultation with members of our community and our staff.

It outlines our vision to provide direction for expanding research capabilities and highlighting milestones that are essential to creating an academic centre of excellence.

To achieve our vision, we'll focus on the following research goals, objectives and strategies:

  • grow our research through mentoring and collaboration with our staff and external research groups
  • research support and infrastructure that promotes and sustains research activity across all clinical areas and facilities
  • develop a strong research culture across our health service and actively promote research activities
  • develop effective governance principals and procedures to manage and oversee research
  • develop effective systems to support funding applications and manage financial aspects of research activities.

The plan describes our vision, principles, opportunities, goals, objectives and strategies. It helps patients and carers, staff, our community, partners and all other stakeholders understand our future direction.

Read the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Research Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (PDF, 1.23 MB).

Last updated: December 2022