Gympie Hospital patients give healthcare top marks

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SCHHS staff at Gympie Hospital

Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) is a state wide program of patient experience surveys. It enables a patient to provide feedback about their health care visit and their views about their hospital experience, as well as their satisfaction with the health service.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Executive Director Medical Services Dr Marlene Pearce said PREMs are conducted each day throughout Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service facilities, and this feedback is used by our Safety, Quality and Innovation Unit to help identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

“Inpatients are invited to participate in the online survey about their recent experience via SMS within 48hrs of their discharge from our facilities.”

We are consistently getting good results at our facilities, and in fact on a month by month basis as an HHS consistently do better than the state average on our overall rating of care as shown below:

SCHHS: Overall rating of care


Deanne Mitchell, Director of Nursing and Facility Manager, Gympie Hospital said, ‘In the July-September 2022 PREMs results, Gympie Hospital scored in the top 5 facilities in the state for their peer group in:

  • Overall rating of care – 78%
  • Treated with Respect and Dignity – 91%
  • Involved in decision about care/treatment – 86%
  • Confidence and Trust in healthcare professionals – 88%

Healthcare professionals worked well together – 87%

Note: For the period July to September 2022. Qualifiers for results: 1. Overall rating of care is very good. 2. Always treated with respect and dignity 3. Definitely involved as much as desired 4. Always have trust 5. Health care workers definitely worked together.

‘The aim of our team is to provide high-quality, equitable, accessible person-centered care to Gympie Hospital patients, their families and carers.’

Some of the feedback from the survey includes:

Gympie Women’s health Unit:

I was given the opportunity to have a say and direct my maternity care in a way that I’ve never experienced in 2 other hospital settings. The quality of care was very high, information met my needs and the extent to which staff went to, to provide support I needed was exceptional.

Oral health:

From the moment you arrive at the front desk you are treated with respect. I am so happy and satisfied with the treatment everybody has given me.

Paediatric Unit:

The Gympie paediatric staff are absolutely incredible, we felt respected and informed the entire time with our child’s health and the decisions being made. They not only look after our child but also us the was an overwhelming time for us but they made us feel at ease and comfortable as bet they could. The team of nurse, midwives and paediatricians were all great working together. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

If patients in the Gympie Region would like to provide feedback about their care, or share their patient experience to improve our services, they are welcome to contact us Online, via phone: 07 5470 5085 or via email: