Contact our Research Office as soon as you start thinking about applying. That way, we're aware of your timelines and can support you.

Our Research Office must review your completed application, letters of support and approved budget. Then, they can be presented to the relevant health service delegate to be signed off before submission. This process takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

Writing your grant application

Before you start writing

  • If you haven't already done so, let our Research Officer know you are planning to submit an application. It'll help us make sure we have the resources and time to help you.
  • Carefully read the guidelines for the grant you plan to apply for. As a researcher, it's your responsibility to make sure that your application meets the guidelines.
  • Make sure your project aligns with the funding criteria.
  • Look through the application form to see what is involved.
  • Make sure you have enough time to finish all the steps in your application:
    • develop your approach
    • research the literature
    • engage collaborators (if required)
    • consider the costs involved
    • write the application
    • get approval documents
    • submit to the Research Governance and Development Unit.

Make sure you can meet the deadline for submitting to the Research Governance and Development Unit. You need to do this at least 2 weeks before submission deadline.

Writing your application

You need to make a strong case for why the project should be funded. Emphasise the benefits of the research, including how it will improve health outcomes in the wider community.

  • Include all required information, answer every question, and spell check your application.
  • Write longer sections in Word first to make sure you're happy with the content, grammar and word count. Then, cut and paste into the application form.
  • Make sure you address and keep to the stated priorities and mission of the funding organisation.
  • Organise your writing into sections. Use headings that align with the topics and questions you need to answer. Make it as easy as possible for the reviewer. Don’t make it hard for the team to find where you have responded to particular issues.
  • Be clear about your design, timelines, methodology, resourcing, budget and expected outcomes.
  • Provide reasons for your chosen methodology. Why is this the best way to answer your research question?
  • Convince the reader that you have the skills, experience and mentorship to deliver the project. Leave no doubt that if they fund your project, it will be good use of their funds.
  • Write boldly and with confidence! You need to convince the funder why your project is more worthy of funding than the other applications.

Review your application

Always ask someone else to read through your application, provide constructive feedback and check compliance with the funding guidelines. It's best to do this before you ask for letters of support or submit it to the Research Governance and Development Unit.

Documents you'll need

Letters of support

You need letters of support from both your head of department and service group director which include:

  • the dollar value of the funding being sought
  • the dollar value of any in-kind support being provided by Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and other organisations
  • acknowledgement of your fulltime equivalent (FTE) commitment to the project.

Check with our Research Officer, Grants Development about any other requirements and to get a copy of our recommended letter template.

Detailed budget

You need to have a detailed budget which your business manager has signed off.

Make sure you include a copy of this with your application.

The budget needs to include:

  • all project costs and whether these will be funded or in-kind
  • clear FTE salary equivalents of positions being funded and their salary level (including any salary increments)
  • details of in-kind or support funded by other means

You can get a budget template from our Research Officer, Grants Development.

We can also support you to compile your own project budget. Contact the Research Business Advisor.

When you're ready to submit

Double check the guidelines one last time to ensure you have addressed all the requirements, including any supporting information.

Don’t miss the submission deadline!

Good to know

Grants rounds are open for a limited number of weeks, but you don’t have to wait for a grant round to open. If you have a good idea, work with our Research Office to develop your research proposal ahead of time. That way, when a grant round opens that is relevant to your project, you'll already have done most of the work towards your submission.

It takes a lot of work to submit a competitive grant application, so be ahead of your competitors.

Last updated: December 2022