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Your feedback is important to us. It helps us identify areas for improvement and acknowledge things we’ve done well.

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Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience with our service and your feedback using the form below.

The information you give us when you fill in the feedback form will be kept safe by the Patient Liaison Officer. It will be only be used to address your feedback if you haven’t submitted anonymously.

Read about how we keep your information safe on the Queensland Government website.

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Date of event If your feedback is about what happened on a specific date.
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Do you wish to be contacted with a response? Compliments are sent to staff and sometimes displayed in public health service spaces. You will not get a response usually. Suggestions for improvement will be reviewed and discussed. You may not get a response.
Do you wish to remain anonymous? * We may not be able to fully review anonymous feedback, but it will be recorded and reviewed. We’ll send complaints to senior staff to assist with reviewing your concerns.
If you don't wish to remain anonymous
Your date of birth We will only use this to make sure we identify the correct person.
Do you consent for us to access your health records if required to review your concerns? Depending on the issue, selecting ‘No’ may limit our ability to fully review your concern.
Are you giving feedback on behalf of someone else? If you’re giving feedback on behalf of someone else we’ll need to contact them before we can review and release information to you. This may not apply if they’re a child under 16.
Enter your relationship to them, like parent.
If you're giving feedback on behalf of someone else.
Their date of birth We will only use this to make sure we identify the correct person.
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Last updated: March 2024